Avantone Pro Announces CLA-10 Nearfield Studio Monitors

avantone pro cla-10

Avantone Pro brings 'back' to market the much-loved nearfield studio monitoring mainstay with closely-matched CLA-10™ Studio buffs rejoice! The classic sound and design of the well known studio referencing monitor the NS-10 (discontinued by Yamaha in 2001) has been faithfully recreated by audio products producer Avantone Pro in collaboration with five-time

Evenant Online Course: The Aspiring Trailer Music Composer

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Evenant Online Course: The Aspiring Trailer Music Composer Review by Andrew Overfield Edited by Sam Hughes Publisher: Evenant Online Course Leader: Christian Baczyk Reviewed on: Web   Back in October I came across an offer via a few mutual friends on Facebook that a trailer music course was being released. Having dabbled in the area of trailer music since around May of

Interview with Anne Juenger, COO of Umlaut Audio


Sam Hughes speaks to Co-founder and COO of Umlaut Audio. Umlaut Audio designs fully customizable software instruments and samples. Umlaut’s products are inspired by years of experience developing custom virtual instrument solutions and samples for many of the world's most famous composers such as Harry Gregson Williams,Danny Elfman (1953- )

Obsidian’s Audio DIrector, Justin Bell on South Park: The Stick of Truth


Sam Hughes chats to Audio Director, Justin Bell over at Obsidian about South Park: The Stick of Truth. They discuss all of the techniques and work involved in the project including some in-depth discussions of implementation, workflow and more! Justin graduated with an A.A. degree in Music from Los Angeles Valley College