NEW from Umlaut Audio: Introducing CLOUDS

Wispy Atmospheres Hanging in the Air like the End of a Sound With a Volume Pedal Clouds are Individual atmospheric textures grouped in distinct tone and key yet with variations. Clouds features a collection of 94 sounds focused on a very specific usage. These sounds are organic wispy atmospheres that are

Umlaut Audio Motors Review

Review by Jordan Killiard Edited by Katie Tarrant Price: $99 US Developer:  Umlaut Audio Reviewed on: Mac Pro 5.1 Back in June 2017, I reviewed Umlaut Audio's uBeat bundle. I liked its customisable features and how it encouraged you to make the supplied pads and loops your own through use of FX. Now Umlaut Audio

Umlaut Audio uBeat Bundle Review

Review by Jordan Killiard Edited by Katie Tarrant Price: $199 US Developer:  Umlaut Audio Reviewed on: Mac Los Angeles based Umlaut Audio originally began creating custom Kontakt libraries for composers such as Danny Elfman, Harry Gregson-Williams and John Debney, but soon they started to offer commercial libraries to the masses. Their first commercial libraries Pads and Arps were very

ARPS by Umlaut Audio Review

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Review by Alyx Jones Edited by Sam Hughes ARPS is a percussive virtual instrument by the clever souls at Umlaut Audio. It can be used in many DAWs as it is designed for Kontakt (works perfectly on the free version), so is pretty easy to setup and get go, out of the box. ARPS is

Interview with Anne Juenger, COO of Umlaut Audio


Sam Hughes speaks to Co-founder and COO of Umlaut Audio. Umlaut Audio designs fully customizable software instruments and samples. Umlaut’s products are inspired by years of experience developing custom virtual instrument solutions and samples for many of the world's most famous composers such as Harry Gregson Williams,Danny Elfman (1953- )