ACID Pro 8.0 Review

Review by Katie Tarrant Edited by Sam Hughes Introduction ACID Pro 8.0 is a DAW targeted at music creators and producers that thrives on loop-based experimentation and production. In need of an upgrade since its initial creation, MAGIX have given ACID a much needed makeover, with a sleeker design, the addition of a

iCON iKeyboard 8x Review

Review by: Jordan Killiard Edited by Katie Tarrant Price: £200 Developer: iCON Pro Audio Distributor: Synthax Audio Reviewed on: Cubase 9.5, Windows 10   The iCON iKeyboard 8x is a new addition to the most under-looked of composer's tools - the 88 key semi-weighted keyboard. There's not a lot of them out there and none seem to

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT Game Audio Review

Review by Andrew Overfield Edited by Jake Basten Developer: Team Ninja Publisher: Square Enix / Koei Temco Composer(s): Takeharu Ishimoto / Keiji Kawamori / Tsuyoshi Sekito Audio Lead & Design: Takashi Yoshida Reviewed on: PS4 (Beta & Release) For the best part of 20 years I've been a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, and I mean

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Audio Review

Review by Kyle Worrall Edited by Jake Basten Developer: Games Farm Publisher: Kalypso Media Music: Dynamedion (Mattias Wolf et al) Sound Designer: Jaroslav Matesz Reviewed on: Playstation 4 The last five years have seen a definite re-emergence and spike in popularity for television programs, films, and games that take inspiration from Norse culture. Notable examples of this

iD14 USB Interface Review

Article by Sam Hughes Edited by Katie Tarrant   First Impressions The iD14 is the next step up in Audient's interfaces, from the iD4 (see our review HERE). My first impression of the iD14 was that it's more serious than the iD4. It looks sturdier, feels a bit heavier, and is slightly less portable

ARCO by Fracture Sounds Review

Review by Katie Tarrant Edited by Sam Hughes Introduction Fracture Sounds is a company founded and run by composer and programmer Will Bedford. His previous releases include Granulate 2, Singing Bowl, Dream Zither and Tiny Music Box. His latest release is ARCO. A year in the making, ARCO is a smooth four piano

Budget Interfaces: Audient iD4 Review

Article by Sam Hughes Edited by Katie Tarrant   First Impressions The Audient iD4 has been released for over a year now, but it's still a leading budget interface on the market. Most people have heard of Audient and are usually very aware of the iD4. I even tend to find that when I

Resurrection of the Night – Music from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Review

Review by Andrew Overfield Edited by Katie Tarrant Publisher: Materia Collective Arranger(s): Wayne Strange, Tim Stoney Artwork: Walid Feghali Executive Producer: Sebastian Wolff Introduction I’m going to start by making it known I have never played a Castlevania game. There, I admitted it. I have, however been a huge fan of the music for some time now.

Flinthook Game Audio Review

Review by Derek Brown Edited by Katie Tarrant Developer: Tribute Games Sound Design: Johan Vinet and Jean Chan   Composer: Patrice Bourgeault Reviewed on: PS4 Flinthook; a swashbuckling, treasure finding, Metroid style platformer that is as beautiful as it is difficult. Developed by Tribute Games Inc., you play as 'Flinthook', a pint-sized pirate who raids ships in search of treasure. Flinthook